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Today's Women In Music
Rules for Joining the Webring

1. These sites are about Female Musical Artists, Singers, Songwriters and Bands. I had originally intended this ring to be for Fan sites only - but I have since decided to include alongside the fan sites about famous women in music - the sites about women in music who are just starting out. So if you are an unsigned Independant women in music, please add your site to the ring. And if you have a fan site about a famous women in music, you are also invited to join the ring. All sites highlighting Women in music are welcomed.

2. All requests for the addition to the Webring, will be at the judgement of the Ringmaster. Most sites that ask to join most likely will be added. However, please don't take it personally if your site is not selected.

3. No pornographic sites. You know, those sites that stick a celebrity's head on someone else's body. If the Female singer you have your fan page about posed nude, and you put that picture on your site, thats okay. This webring will not include any sites that demean or take advantage of these musical artists.

4. No "I Hate So-and-So" sites or "So-and-So Sucks" sites. Only positive websites, showcasing a fan's appreciation of their favorite Female Singer, Songwriter or Band - or showcasing your music as an independant artist.

5. The Correct Webring Fragment must be included either on your "Index Page", or on a "Webring Page" that is directly accessable from your Index Page. I will check the members sites often. The purpose of a Ring, is to form an un-breakable ring, so visitors can surf through every site. If your HTML Fragment is incorrect, or if it is not on your site, then your site will be removed from the ring.

6. Once you have joined, keep both the Webring Home page URL of "", and my email address of "" on hand, in case you need it. Please feel free to email me with any questions that you have.

7. Now, once this is all done, you can watch the number of visitors increase to your website!

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